D&D Terrain

Coming Soon: D&D Terrain

We love posting snapshots of our various in-house D&D games (an umbrella term, as we regularly run Pathfinder, 5e, Shadows of Esteren and more).   As we’ve recently begun exploring new terrain solutions for immersive environments, expect to see reviews of those products.  Until then, check this snapshot of one of our more recent experiments – this is an HDMI projector, mounted on a jurry-rigged shelf.  Combined with a few $1.35 purple & blue incandescent chandelier  light bulbs, and we’re on to something cool.  This is a scene out of Wizards of the Coasts recent “Out of the Abyss” module, featuring a fungus cave…

What terrain solutions/ideas are you using in your game?  Post your thoughts, photos & youtube replies below – we’d love to hear from you 🙂

D&D projector 2

D&D projector 2


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