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Ryan has always had an active imagination - hell, he had been LARPing with two of his best buddies many years before he ever heard the word. Err, acronym. After playing a Halfling rogue at his first DnD session in early 2004, he was hooked, and his penchant for rogues and ne’er-do-wells has served him stupendously in the magical world of Faerun, where he has been adventuring ever since. When not sneaking through a snurrgly cavern of secrets, or stealing ladies' handkerchiefs and undergarments, you can find him in Washington, DC pretending to be other people on the stage! You see, Ryan’s entire life is defined by escapism. Now, to get out of these damned handcuffs…


Roleplaying for Dummies: Roleplaying and Character Creation

Hey there! So you’ve gotten together with your friends. The beverages are in the fridge, the chips are in the bowl, the books are open on the table, and it’s time for character creation.
What kind of hero do you want to play? Where do you start? There are two aspects of character that are very important to a DnD game: the mechanics, structure, or bones of the character (stats, class, proficiencies, etc.) and the fleshy bits, the stuff that comes out of your imagination (backstory, appearance, name, etc.)


The Value of Roleplaying

Why play Captain Boring, a two-dimensional, sword-and-shield fighter when you could be Lance Halbrick, disgraced Knight of the Green Palace, forced to flee from his homeland after being blamed for the assassination of the Queen!?

"Not all those who wander, are lost"  ~J.R.R. Tolkien